Our Mission



Through the spirit of HOKODOME, we endeavor to promote Japanese culture through martial arts in order to facilitate a more peaceful world.

The symbol for TOZANDO, “武”- the HOKODOME, is the first kanji character from the word “武道” -budo. The original meaning of “武” ‒ bu – is to “put one’s sword back in its sheath.” Its true meaning is to control one’s ego by ending the fight and instead bring about peace.



Keep improving yourself and contribute to society.


Work for benefit of our customers, our fellow employees and society as a whole.

This is a traditional Japanese business ethic from the 17th century, called the “Omi Style” named after the traditional province around modern day Shiga Prefecture. We hold a deep respect for the teachings of our ancestors, we maintain this tradition of Omi hospitality in order to share prosperity with people across the world and hand it down to future generations.